Wow! Seven years ago I got to release Sex Jams second 7" (shortly before their debut LP "Post Teenage Shine"). It was a collaboration with Fettkakao.
It was huge fun to stamp all the labels and fold all the covers by hand at the Fettkakao headquarter in Vienna. Andi did

Die Buben Im Pelz sind doch tatsächlich auf Noise Appeal Records gelandet. Zwar hoppeln im Label-Hauptquartier nur Kaninchen herum was wiederum wenig mit Katzen zu tun hat. Trotzdem heisst das neue am 9. Juni 2017 erscheinenden Buben-Album "Katzenfestung". Und ja: Es gibt massig Katzen zu sehen. Ein wenig beängstigend, weil

Shortly before New Year’s Eve, I promised you that 2017 will hold a lot in store for Noise Appeal Records. Just like I mentioned before, there will be three new bands on the label and today’s the day I am happy to welcome to first one – tracker from Innsbruck.

Year 13 after Noise Appeal was born is now over. It was a tough one (e.g. SKE Fonds money was frozen, and, as you know, every single Euro that comes through subvention or sold records is helping indies like Noise Appeal to survive), but in the end, a great one