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Happy 8th Anniversary noise21!

On this date 8 years ago we released Code Inconnu​ - s/T. As we love to celebrate, you’ll get 15% discount on Code Inconnu - s/T in our shop today. Visit http://store.noiseappeal.com/shop/music/vinyl/code-inconnu-st/ and grab your copy.

Happy 5th Anniversary noise35-1!

On this date 5 years ago we released H.P. Zinker​ - Singles 1989 - 1994 (Single 1). As we love to celebrate, you’ll get 15% discount on the HP Zinker Singles Box in our shop today. Visit http://store.noiseappeal.com/shop/music/vinyl/hp-zinker-singles-1989-1994-6x7-box and grab your copy.

Dear everyone!
2017 has been a truly intense year for Noise Appeal Records – intense, but great. I met a couple of amazing people during this year and had the opportunity to work with a lot of creative and ambitious musicians, graphic designers, video directors as well as app- and web-programmers,

We proudly present the third video of the DIE BUBEN IM PELZ album, called „Katzenfestung“. The song is called "Alles Leben Ist Chemie". Greetings to David Lynch and the "Twin Peaks Family"

We proudly present the first video of the upcoming DIE BUBEN IM PELZ album, called „Katzenfestung“. The song bears the same name as the album and as you can see, it’s all about cats. But fear not! Besides the cuteness of our furry friends, there’s also loads to listen to – especially the heavy,

14 years to this day it happened: Noise Appeal Records released its first record, the FRESNEL „scenario“ MCD. It truly feels just like yesterday when we received the boxes from the pressing plant and unwrapped them with a joy like children have on Christmas Eve. The next day, the band