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29.02.2016 LIKE ELEPHANTS "Forest" Video



03.01.2016 In January 2016 on sale. The Striggles "Aloha"

"Der harmlose Kaninchenschatten und das freundliche gelbe Cover täuschen darüber hinweg, dass auf Aloha dreckigster Noiserock gespielt wird. Klar ist es möglich, die Verzerrer bis zum Anschlag aufzudrehen, dass man denkt, die Boxen müssten den Geist aufgeben, zwischendurch kann man auch ruhig einmal das Tempo zurücknehmen und eine Art bizarre Bluesnummer namens Life is pretty (black) spielen und vielleicht hat ja auch der Falsettgesang bei Jack seinen Platz auf dem Album, bevor Up to me mit der Wucht des Punk die Gehörgänge reinigt."  Listen to at Soundcloud. Buy at Noise Appeal online-store.

29.12.2015 THANK YOU ...

What a year 2015 has been! A busy, but good year. Actually, it was a very good year. I was able to release two albums and two singles. Admittedly, it took us a long time to cross ways, Lehnen („Reaching Over Ice And Waves“ 2xLP) and me. Doomina (self titled LP) and me. Bulbul (split 7“ with Ash My Love; another cooperation with Rock Is Hell Records) and me. It didn’t take that that long until Like Elephants and me joined forces. When I received their demo in late 2014, I was sure something amazing was about to happen. Even if it took a small hint from a very important person, it didn’t take long to decide that I really wanted to work with them. Luckily, they felt the same way. So we did „Home“ 7“ in 2015 and on April 7th, 2016 their debut album „Oneironaut“ will finally hit the streets.

This leads me directly to 2016. What will happen next? Besides the Like Elephants album, there will be a new album from Hella Comet and its release is scheduled in late April of 2016. There will be a new album from my favorite Slowenians, It’s Everyone Else, and I honestly can’t wait for this noise-monster! Talking about monsters: a new Fuckhead album will come out in fall of 2016! This is pretty much a sensation, since it will be Fuckhead’s second album within three years („Avoid Nil“ got released on 2013). And there is still more to come! Releases on Noise Appeal Records. Some other projects I’m working on right now and I will let you know more as soon as the time’s right.

Last but not least, I want to thank everyone that has supported the label and me in 2015, with buying records, as helping hands, showing up on one of the Noise Appeal events or supported one of the great artists I am able to work with! Thank you! I wish you health and a happy new year! Rock on!


Ps.: 2016 will be a year of some special sales as well. Each month in 2016, one of the back-catalogue releases is going to be on sale. It all starts with The Striggles „Aloha“ LP. In the entire month of January you will be able to buy the LP at store.noiseappeal.com for only 5€, as vinyl and/or digital version. You decide. No voucher code necessary.

18.12.2015 noise44 DOOMINA s/t LP out now!

"s/t" LP

"split" 7"

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