07.05.2015 LIKE ELEPHANTS "Child Of Love" Video



15.04.2015 LEHNEN "How's The Tires?" Video!



14.04.2015 LIKE elephants got visited from Pavlov's Dog Webzine



02.04.2015 Next one: Doomina! Welcome.

In November of 2012, Daniel from Doomina was getting in touch with me for the very first time. He asked me to release their album on vinyl, but because of several reasons, it didn't worked out. I really liked their work back in the days and so I began to observe them and their work for a bit.
All in all, one day he came to meet me again and we started talking about releasing Doominas' next selftiteled album. And well…I will. So give a very warm welcome to Doomina on Noise Appeal Records! Expect their new album to be released on vinyl almost three years after our first conversation – in fall of 2015. This, of course, makes me very happy. And it also makes Doomina very happy. So please, make me even happier and listen to this beauty on cute wax…! Stay tuned for more informations.


31.03.2015 24h SLEEP SLEEP SPECIAL on April 1st, 2015.

SLEEP SLEEP is releasing its follower digital only EP "CVRS 2" step by step. So far he gave away the Sex Jams Cover "Just Kids". Great one [Soundcloud]. He also did a DIY video for this track, which you can check out here. Spreading these words and links would be much appreciated, so go ahead and do it! And thanks a lot in advance!
Let's celebrate! To thank you all for your SLEEP SLEEP and NOISE APPEAL RECORDS support, SLEEP SLEEPs' "Gospel" LP will be available for 10,00 Euros for the next 24 hours at store.noiseappeal.com. Simply use the voucher code "CVRS2" at the check out. This offer is only available on the 1st of April 2015!


"home" 7"

"reaching over ice and waves" 2xlp

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