first of all wellcome to 2006 and thanx a lot for all the support in 2005. we are back again, a lot of projects are in the work and our next release the “plague mass/worlds between us split 7” will get send to the pressing plant next week. watch out for a pretty nice gatefold, colored vinyl 7″, which should be released by the beginning of march …

right then, when worlds between us is getting active in playing more live shows in 2006. more worlds between us and the plague mass news soon!

what else? once tasted life did it. they are in the finishing process of their upcoming album. we are looking forward to hear the songs. fresnel is busy in writting new songs and hey we never thought about it, but they are back on stage again. visit the show section of this page. 27 is focusing on writting new songs, united movement too (but projects are in the work) … bug did some cool live shows in december. so watch out for their next performances … uff yes. we guess that’s all by now and we will be back with a new release … stay tuned