well what’s going on at the noise appeal headquater? the last few months we were busy in distributing and promoting our first two releases and we managed it to work on our website. the cow our alltime favourite friend joined the noise appeal team and will do anything or nothing – how ever :-)
fresnel will be on tour in february 2004 together with bug (watch the showdates). they are also searching a new bass-player, cause andl has decided to leave the band after the tour. if you are interessted in, get in touch with the cow or with fresnel.
once tasted life are doing a break to find a bass player too. if you are more into melodic pop-punk feel free to get in touch with or the band. once tasted life were also pretty successfull (20.) at the tonbandtest.
last but not least, we fixed our third release. noise03 will be a cd ep with the almigthy rock duo united movement from vienna. they will hit the studio in june 2004 and the record should be released in september 2004. for more infos about the band and/or the release visit our website from time to time.