Dun Field Three – s/t

Vienna‘s DUN FIELD THREE is an irresistibly compelling trio, which despite its small lineup – drums (Goto), baritone- and bass guitar (Nachtlieb), keyboards, guitar and vocals (Daucocco) – manages to create and convey impressive force, thanks to wild but elaborate arrangements. Baritone- and bass guitar growl to sophisticated, but straightforward drum patterns. Powerful vocals undoubtedly capture any listener‘s attention and evoke the image of a voodoo priest in near-trance. Amongst a variety of different keyboard sounds, a creepy organ shines with haunting melodies. Accentuated highlights occasionally shift the music into the burlesque.

Reflector – Turn

Andreas Heller and David Reumüller must have had their backs to the wall, as it seemed barely possible to take any further steps to develop their band Reflector. When suddenly and rather unexpectedly, Martin Plass took the stage, or rather, the rehearsal room. Insiders know Plass as a talented singer, bassist of the Striggles, and as an infamous rock-veteran who stood out during the 1980s, hogging the limelight in a variety of bands. Now his lucent voice and breakneck bass light up Reflector‘s universe and the band‘s new album “Turn”, has already been recorded by producer Bernd Heinrauch.


With their third album „crescendo“, double-headed orchestra Scarabeusdream created a landmark, a monstrosity, a true piece of work. Producer Johannes Cap got to the heart of it, conceptual as well as soundwise, creating a range from thrilling posthardcore mania to loud and precise pop lightnings. Thick sound walls break and torrential sound waves vaporize into clouds, carrying fragile interludes. „crescendo“ goes deep and penetrates, tattoos itself into your heart chamber, hugs manifesting and leaves an addiction for more.

Convertible – Holst Gate

As Colin Holst, Hans Platzgumer sat down at his piano, possessed. Long time collaborator Hannah MacKenna delivered words, Chris Laine channeled some Phil Spector. Half a year later the album had been written and recorded.
The result is Convertible’s sixth album, Holst Gate. An unusual collaboration between Vienna, Cambridge and LA, that nevertheless manages to inhabit the endless sub-polar expanse of the Norwegian Northlands.

The Happy sun s/t out now!

Happy Releaseday! As of today The Happy Sun debut album is out now. On vinyl, CD and digital (Noise Appeal […]

Wipeout “Waiting Room” video release

First output of the upcoming “Songs for Androids” digital EP of Wipeout! Enjoy!

Videorelease: Convertible “Sandy Beaches”

Here it is! The new Convertible music video: “Sandy Beaches“. Videographer & Editor: Sean O’Bryan Actor: Miles Morrisson. Have fun!

Happy releaseday with reflector

Nearly seven years after their last regular album release Reflectors new one is officially out today! Called “turn” and released by […]