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Heckspoiler – Tokyo Drift

Heckspoiler – Tokyo Drift (Album) Beschrieben als wilde Mischung aus Queens of the Stone Age und Bilderbuch, lässt bereits die Bandbreite der Band erkennen. Hier wird keineswegs kopiert, nein – hier werden Genregrenzen mühelos gesprengt. Durch die Limitierung auf lediglich zwei Instrumente (Bass und Schlagzeug) und zwei Sänger, wird hier mit scheinbar einfachsten Mitteln, das Maximum an Power generiert. Ausgeklügelte Riffs und Arrangements verleihen dieser Produktion den einzigartigen Heckspoiler-Sound. Straight from the heart – Refrains verschmelzen mit kompromissloser Härte und Dramatik. Die unbändige Präsenz der beiden Musiker wird bestmöglich eingefangen.

It’s Everyone Else – Pirouette

“Pirouette” was created during a chaotic period of time, dealing with personal and mental health issues, which started spiraling just before the pandemic hit. We wanted a change in sound that would portray the alienating thoughts and feelings without losing the edge. The songs got longer and the build-ups got slower, demanding more patience. The vocals started to melt unto the sound without commanding it. We didn’t overthink the lyrics and just let them happen. This resulted in tighter cohesion where the deafening crescendos perfectly balance the subdued droning soundscapes.

The New Mourning – When The Light Fades

The New Mourning sound is as simple as the songs. A stoic drum beat over a bare song, usually constructed around two chords, eschewing special effects or manipulation. But the defining feature of the band’s sound is in the way Pronai places most of the hook and melody lines on the bass guitar, using the instrument much like a lead guitar.

The debut album “When The Light Fades” was already recorded at the end of 2019 and has been awaiting its release since February 2020. This time it was produced in Thomas Pronai’s own Container Recordings Studio in the Cselley Mühle Oslip together with Andreas Spechtl.

Baits – Bring Your Friends (MC)

BAITS are caught between all the stools of catchy rock: sometimes dominated by a sunny version of grunge, sometimes by eerie psych tones, or more frequently straight punk – at the heart there’s always a (pop) song and a story. The »Bring Your Friends« 4-Song Tape is the their debut release on Noise Appeal Records.

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