For fifteen years, Marilies Jagsch has been an integral part of the Viennese music scene. In 2008 she released her debut “Obituary for a Lost Mind” and in 2010 the album “From Ice to Water to Nothing” on the label Asinella Records founded by Clara Luzia. Away from her solo project, she collaborated with electropop icon Bernhard Fleischmann and was invited to make guest appearances with A Life, A Song, A Cigarette, Love & Fist, Alien Hand Syndrome or Wolfgang Frisch (Sofa Surfers), among others. Currently, the artist plays in the band Vienna Rest in Peace and collaborates with the Seattle-based performance group Saint Genet.

Thirteen years after the release of her last album, it’s time for a new name: MAIIJA. For her current project, Marilies Jagsch and producer Peter Paul Aufreiter (Hearts Hearts) invited some of Vienna’s most exciting musicians* to record the eleven songs of the album “I AM”, which will be released on Noise Appeal Records in September 15th 2023.


Marilies Jagsch
Peter Paul Aufreiter
Gernot Scheithauer
Lukas Lauermann


Medienmanufaktur Wien
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DateCountryCity Venuew/Info
11.07.24ATWienStadtpark-Musik am Fluss
17.07.24ATDürnsteinWeinhaus Brustbauer-Kultur bei Winzerinnen und Winzern
02.08.24ATSt. Veit an der GlanMühlenrauschen Festival-tba.


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