hello everyone.

the plague mass full length is released by now and they will perform a small release show in their hometown on 30th of june. so go and check it out! we are happy as hell, with our new baby. it’s amazing! we really love it and we are sure you will too. promo-copies are shipped, so you can expect some reviews very soon.

what else is going on? well, we recieved the 27 master copy, the bug mastering is done, layout is in the work … so if everything will went well, you will be able to get this beautyful baby, which is a result of a hot night of the nice folks of interstellar records and us :-) …

however 27 will be touring europe in september. so if we will manage the production of the record it will be available when, they are visiting austria  … and damn, we’ll make it!

fresnel are a five piece now: wellcome to the commander, who will do the second guitar and well, we saw them at the ekh-soli at the arena in vienna and it was amazing, watching them with the new member. beautyful. however, we hope to put them to the studio as soon as possible to bring you the most important noise rock record austria has ever seen.

once tasted life started playing live again, after chris health troubles. we saw them at the danube-festival this year and it was pretty nice. they will visit the studio somewhen in fall to record their first full-length. and be sure: fucking nice emo-record!

united movement just released their full length during trost records (austria) and this one is a fucking blast so you should get it and complete your collection with the ep which got released through … yes you got it! through noise appeal!
as you can see, a lot of happens at noise appeal family so you should better get back soon. more and more updates within this summer. be sure!