dear ladies and gentlemen.

we have to announce, that we got two new bands we will work with. first of all we will release the new full length album of reflector (noise07) from graz, austria. an amazing slowmotion metal-noise-duo! we are happy to release that record in cooperation with our very close friends of interstellar records.

secondly we will release the debut album (noise08) of a young, but amazing band from wr. neustadt, austria: dimitrij. this guys rock your panties off, with their very own style of scandinavian scremo-noise-core!!!

we are soooo happy with this two new releases. in the meanwhile bug and united movement started to play some live shows again, fresnel got back to the rehearsal room (and nobody knows if they ever will be back on stage), 27 are writting some new songs, once tasted life are mixing their very own debut album and worlds between us is searchin – YES IT’s TRUE – a new singer. if you are interessted in, get in touch! merci. yours girl and boy!