hui long time since the last update. here we go.

the upcoming fresnel/vancouver split 7″ got delayed a bit. somewhen in summer this beautyful record should be available. we are looking forward, because this one will look good and most important: it sounds good! so be prepared.

the wounderful dimitrij record gt good feedback. that’s the way it should be, because this fucking record rocks as hell … to promote this one a bit, dimitrij will hit the road with noise appeal very own worlds between us. we need some help. so here are the dates, if you could help us.

24/08/2007 aut/ger tba
25/08/2007 ger tba
26/08/2007 ger tba
27/08/2007 bel tba
28/08/2007 fra tba
29/08/2007 uk tba
30/08/2007 uk tba
31/08/2007 uk tba
01/09/2007 uk tba
02/09/2007 uk tba
03/09/2007 uk tba
04/09/2007 uk tba
05/09/2007 fra/bel tba
06/09/2007 ned tba
07/09/2007 BONN – ger @ Kult41
08/09/2007 ULM – ger @ Club Schilli
09/09/2007 NÜRNBERG – ger

nother noise appeal record will hit the road again. so they need help too. if you could help us booking some shows for the upcoming the plague mass tour, mail to

31/08/2007 Austria
01/09/2007 Austria/Switzerland/(France)
02/09/2007 Switzerland/France
03/09/2007 France
04/09/2007 France
05/09/2007 France
06/09/2007 France
07/09/2007 France
08/09/2007 France
09/09/2007 France/(UK)
10/09/2007 France/UK
11/09/2007 UK
12/09/2007 UK
13/09/2007 UK
14/09/2007 UK
15/09/2007 UK
16/09/2007 UK
17/09/2007 UK
18/09/2007 UK/Belgium/Holland/(Germany)
19/09/2007 Belgium/Holland/Germany
20/09/2007 Germany
21/09/2007 Germany/Austria
22/09/2007 Austria

and last but not least, we will release another records this year – except the fresnel/vancouver split, but which one we will tell you another time, but what we tell you by now is, that our friends from reflector and bug will hit the road too! watch the dates babes … hehehe …

16/05/2007 Krizevci @ klub kulture
17/05/2007 Split @ klub kocka
18/05/2007 Labin @ kuc lamparna
19/05/2007 Banja Luka @ gradski klub
20/05/2007 Graz @ postgarage

that’s all by now. so check back later on to be up to date … yours girl, boy, cow, dog … whatever ;-)