hello dudes and dudettes.

well as you already know, we released three new records. all of them are available via mail boy@noiseappeal.com. just drop us a line. you also can visit various shops in vienna (yummy, rattlesnake …) to get noise appeal records releases. if you want. however. all the bands we are working with are pretty busy this fall and winter. w|b|u, dimitrij and the plague mass just arrived from their european tours. 27 head over to uk, to do a tour over there. before this tour they will rock some places in the us of america. hell yeah! fresnel did an amazing show as support of knut at the arena in vienna and started with pre-production of their upcoming album. bug are rocking the tyrolian mountains; reflector visiting the “steirischen herbst” – we also will, when we will make it to styria this days ;-) … so as you can see, everything is going its way. last but not least: we updated our myspace site. check it out: www.myspace.com/noiseappealrecords