dear girls and boys out there,

we are happy to announce that we have fixed our next release. it will be the striggles debut album on vinyl. it should be ready to buy somewhen in march/april 2008. we are very happy with this project and to work with this very nice people from the striggles. band profile on this website should be online too within the next weeks. in the meantime visit to geht some impressions. what else is going on?

well, worlds between us are leaving to tour germany tomorrow. here are the dates:

01.Feb.2008 – juz mattsee, salzburg (aut)
02.Feb.2008 – juze tonne, wangen (ger)
03.Feb.2008 – contrast, konstanz (ger)
04.Feb.2008 – jz plochingen, plochingen (ger)
06.Feb.2008 – cafe marat, münchen (ger)
07.Feb.2008 – cafe schlachthaus, dornbirn (aut)
08.Feb.2008 – cafe nova, essen (ger)
09.Feb.2008 – subversiv, berlin (ger)

well and as dimitrij and worlds|between|us are close friends, dimitrij thought they will leave to tour too. here are their dates.

07.Feb.2008 – Arena3Raum, vienna (aut) w/ killed by 9V batteries
08.Feb.2008 – Reil 78 Halle / Saale(ger)
09.Feb.2008 – Subversiv /w YFERE (the german rolling stones) Berlin (ger)
10.Feb.2008 – AZ Conni Dresden (ger)
11.Feb.2008 – Headcrash Hamburg (ger)
12.Feb.2008 – Exzess Frankfurt am Main (ger)
13.Feb.2008 – Emokeller w/ Rome asleep Essen (ger)
14.Feb.2008 – tba w/le massacre du client de & le deadproject Paris (fra)
15.Feb.2008 – Gasthuisschuur w/ Autumn Delay, Loathus, Daggers, Versa Aarschot
17.Feb.2008 – Global Cafe w/ chiefs, little flags, from plan to progress Reading
18.Feb.2008 – Tunnels w/ clearer the sky Aberdeen, Scotland
20.Feb.2008 – Balcony Bar Dundee
21.Feb.2008 – The Chillingham Arms w/ Lavotchkin, The fair fight New Castle (UK)
22.Feb.2008 – Junction w/ Crocus Bristol
23.Feb.2008 – Joc Sirkfonflex w/ the brave do not fear the grave & do androids dream of electric sheep Zedelgem
24.Feb.2008 – Behind the Station w/ Kontrapunkt & Spelunker Arnsberg (D)
25.Feb.2008 – KTS Freiburg
02.Apr.2008 – TBA w/ TRIP FONTAINE Graz
20.Jun.2008 – Arena DreiRaum w/ COMADRE Vienna, Wien

more news soon. thank you for reading this! 

the boy, the girl, the cow and the dog