long time, no hear. well no excuse for that.

but first of the time around releasing sex jams “post teenage shine” was very stressy. we didn’t expected that, but anyways it made us happy! fine or? anyways. sex jams will release a split 7″ on fettkakao somewhen this summer. in september the cd version of post teenage shine will get released via siluh records. fine for them, isn’t it? so rock on with them through the shitty and rainy summer we have in vienna this year. shitty weather; god drunk too much during wintertime.

what else is going on? well noise22 a incredible 10″ by the striggles is currently at the pressing plant. 3 songs. only covers. be prepared. amazing is the only thing we can say … so check back soon to get this piece via our webstore!

the plague mass did a new full length album, which will get released on vinyl pretty soon (noise24). we are part of an armee of labels releasing this record. other involved ones are (as far as we know): start a fire records from germany, epicdemic records from italy and more to expect. should be available somewhen in july!

but that’s not all by now. we also “signed” a new band and we are very, very happy about this (read more soon at the band profile here on this page. in the meantime visit myspace). the new band in the family is called sex on the beach. it’s a four piece including two drums (!!!) and two guitars. no vocals. we will release the vinyl version of their upcoming debut album somewhen in winter 2010/11. be aware.

?that’s all by now. so thank you for reading this and enjoy rainy days (if you are in the same bad luck as we are) or sunny days (if you have some good luck with weather) … bye and check back soon. thank you!