we are lazy. that’s fact. but not the truth at all. as you could see, we were not updating this page that much in the last couple of months. has some reasons. lots of projects are coming up and we are heavily working on them. one of this is a new webpage (well after having this one since 2003 we really should finally arrive in 2011 – webwise). this new webpage hopefully will get online on 20th of april 2011. why? cause that is the first day of our record labels birthday party. the label got in the age of eight now. so this is a reason to celebrate. we do. here are the facts:

noise appeal fest 2011
eight years birthday celebration 

20th of april

sex on the beach, sex jams

21st of april

reflector, hella comet, the striggles @ rhiz, vienna

what else is going on? the striggles once again made it to the falter sternstunden 2011. place five in the ranking for pop at styrias falter. isn’t that bad. 

we have new band in the rooster. hella comet from graz joined our family. we are happy as hell about this fact. hella comet are one of our favorite bands in austria and now we have the possibility to work with them. and we did. first result is a vinyl 10″, which will get released on 1st of april featuring a new song and two remixes of songs of their debut album. we will see if more results will follow. hopefully … but this 10″ you can buy via our webstore from 1st of april on (yes this one will get updated).

the striggles finalizing their third album called “striggcatmummy”. we finally did the artwork. the master is in the work as well. expect the release of the record on the noise appeal records fest … it’s double LP and amazing. what else … another double LP of the striggles will come later on this year. both of them we are doing in cooperation with the incredible rock is hell records!

ufff fingers hurting of typing. anyways some news still waiting for you. sex on the beachs debut album should get released in early fall 2011. united movement is rocking again. the plague mass touring america (!!!) and sex jams are working on new material and going for a tour aswell. black books another new band which is featuring all members of worlds between us, will do a 7″ in early summer and much more is coming … enough written.

in the meanwhile check out our facebook-page. yes we finally made it to the world of web 2.0 … click here all of you … facebookfuckingsucks read more news on our new webpage in april … bye.