We are already working on our new webpage, which should be ready in next few weeks. We are doing our best. In the meanwhile you can?get the latest news about our bands on facebook, myspace or just watch some new videos on youtube. Visit us there!

What else is going on? Our friends from HELLA COMET released their 10″ via NOISE APPEAL and SCHNAPSIDEE. It’s available from 1st of April via our webstore, and some others stores like Substance and Yummy in Vienna. For sure you will get a chance to buy it at the NOISE APPEAL FEST 2011 in RHIZ in Vienna. The upcoming double LP of THE STRIGGLES is at the pressing plant right now as well. So this masterpiece should be available pretty soon as well… so check back later on. We will keep you updated.

More details…

The NOISE APPEAL FEST 2011 will take a place in RHIZ in Vienna on 20th and 21st of April 2011.

20th: SEX JAMS and SEX ON THE BEACH will rock the stage, and DJ ANDI FETTKAKAO the turntables (entrance 6,00 euro).

21st: STRIGGLES, REFLECTOR and HELLA COMET are the live-rockers, while DJ FLEISCHMANN will take care on the turntables (entrance 8,00 euro).

Sounds perfect? Perfect as well is the fact, that you can get very cheap two-days-ticket via jugendinfowien: 11,00 euro.

U should be a part of it!

So, that’s all by now. We will keep updated with news and a store from time to time, but hope the new webpage is online pretty soon. So check it back from time to time to see what’s going on …

The boy, the girl, the driver.