dear ladies and gentlemen,

we finally did it! nine months later than expected the new noise appeal website is online. to celebrate this fact we offer you very special prices in our online store. this offer is available for the next two months. by the first of april 2012 you missed the chance to fullfill your noise appeal backcataloge in a very cheap way! so hurry on and place your order. thank you!

to realize this website we had the support of some very nice people. first of there is miriam from mika medien. thank you! and rokko from rokkos adventures. thank you too! and for sure peter from netzonfire who is part of the noise appeal team as well! thank you!

but now back to topic. what is going on at noise appeal records this days? noise25 sex on the beach “power” lp is at mastering. so soon at pressing plant and available. noise27 the 27 seveninch is close to be finished! so expect it available pretty soon. noise29 black books “in this town” seveninch is in the mixing and mastering process by now. not that long to go and this one is available too. noise30 the new striggles album is in the finishing process, the artwork is in the making and it will be a cooperation with rock is hell records. the record should be available in spring 2012. as well noise31 the automassage album and  noise33 the upcoming reflector album. this one in cooperation with rock is hell and interstellar records.

not enough of noise appeal? well we promise you more to come this year! so stay tuned. in the meantime we wish you a lot of fun with our new website … at least as much as we had and have!