dear ladies and gentlemen,
our sweetest friends of sex jams are going to tour germany (and czech and austria a bit) next week. here are the dates. check them out!
oh, and by the way. their debut album “post teenage shine”, released as lp on noise appeal records is sold out. means the band is having 15 last copies with them on tour. if you wanna get this rare collectors item catch them on the road. if you are to late, switch over to our friends of siluh records and get the cd version of the album. nothing more to say. have fun with the sex jams and rock your panties off …

12.04.2012 W1, Regensburg, DE
13.04.2012 Immerhin, Würzburg, DE w/TV Buddhas
14.04.2012 Beatbaracke/Jukuz, Aschaffenburg, DE w/Gary
15.04.2012 Shalom, Gera, DE
16.04.2012 Baracke 5, Illmenau, DE
17.04.2012 Scheune, Dresden, DE
18.04.2012 About:Blank, Berlin, DE
19.04.2012  Muzejka, Brno, CZ
27.05.2012 Schmu, Wiener Neustadt
20.07.2012 Fleischrock, Weidhofen an der Ypps