hello everyone out there,

we want to thank everyone for all the nice moments and support in 2012, which was a really good one. we had the chance to release some very good records in the past 12 months.

there were:

noise25 SEX ON THE BEACH „power“ LP
noise27 27 „twenty27seven“ 7“
noise29 BLACK BOOKS „in this town“ 7“
noise30 THE STRIGGLES „s/t“ 2xLP
noise31 AUTOMASSAGE „we should get rid off …“ LP
noise33 REFLECTOR „the heritage“ LP
noise34 REFLECTOR „15“ 4×7“ box

and we celebrated the NOISE APPEAL FEST 2012 @ rhiz vienna, which was a great party as well! thank you for joining us at this one.

in 2013 we are celebrating the 10th year of existing. we start the party-marathon on january 17th, 2013 @ rhiz vienna. the release party of the HP ZINKER 7“ collerctors box. more parties and shows will follow for sure. stay tuned. and for sure some great releases are in the work. here a small overview what you can expect from NOISE APPEAL RECORDS in 2013:

noise32 SEX JAMS „trouble, honey!“ LP march 1st
noise35 HP ZINKER „singles box 1989-1994“ 6×7“ abo-boxset january 15th
noise36 FUCKHEAD „tba“ LP

and well there are plans for some (album-) releases of BLACK BOOKS, HELLA COMET and SLEEP SLEEP too. as you can see 2013 is going to be a busy year as well at NOISE APPEAL RECORDS. we hope you will go through this with us like you did in the past as well.

we wish you all the best for 2013. enjoy the parties tonite!