What a year 2013! Unbelievable.
The most intense in our label history so far. 5 full length records got released, 1 collectors box (incl. 6×7″), Noise Appeal has been part of the Waves Vienna Festival for the first time ever, we will send out 3 acts to Eurosonic 2014, we worked with friends and idols of us who became friends, we discovered new music and new places. Short: WE ENJOYED 2013!
Some more plans for 2014 are already fixed. Some we can talk about, some we can’t and some we won’t. Anyways. It was a pleasure for us to experience 2013 together with you! Thank you for supporting Noise Appeal Records and we hope you will be part of our lives in 2014 as well! THANK YOU and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

noise32 SEX JAMS Troubley, Honey LP
noise35 HP ZINKER Singles 1989-1994 6×7″ Box
noise36 FUCKHEAD Avoid Nil LP
noise37 SLEEP SLEEP Gospel LP
noise38 BUG Atropos LP
noise39 HELLA COMET Wild Honey LP