Hard to believe, but true – another year is over. And what an intense year it was. For that, I owe you a big thank you…and an apology.
It all started with my trip to EUROSONIC 2014, where three Noise Appeal bands FUCKHEAD, HELLA COMET and SEX JAMS entered the stage that means the world.
In April, I was able to release IT’S EVERYON ELSE’s new album, „New Religion“ on vinyl as well as a download, which was quickly followed by „Honeymoon Blues“, the debut of ASH MY LOVE, that hit the record shops in May. Both records made me incredibly happy and I guess I can say it now, also a bit proud.
After the fist half of 2014 had felt like two years, I hit a point that I had never hit before in my life as runner of a record label. The drive was gone and so was the joy, which led to me throw punches – some justified and some not. That’s when I had to lean back and restart the thinking process. Decisions had to be made to bring back the passion. Some hurt, and for those, I am truly sorry.
It was an especially tough time for the very nice people of NEONSTEAM, who ended up being the victims of this phase, because I just wasn’t ready to do anything new with NOISE APPEAL at that point. All I could do was to help them as a friend and that’s exactly what I did. I wish them all the best for their future and a lot of success with NEONSTEAM.
I am not writing these lines to get sympathy, absolutely not. I am writing this to review my year (Did I mention the new online shop yet? No?! Well, I am doing it now. Big thanks to Michael from dsgncde.com for all of his help!) and offer a glimpse of what could be the future. Because „it“ is back. The joy. The passion. And that’s why I look towards 2015 with a whole new drive. It will be another intense year, with a lot of new things, from old as well as from new friends. The first baby will be born in May, the second one in June and I promise, they won’t be the only offsprings.
In the end, I want to thank everyone out there that helped and supported me in 2014 (and of course over the last ten years as well). Thank you so much that my bands were allowed to perform for you and at your venues. Thank you that you talked about and criticized the records, but also played them on your radio shows. Thank you for offering a platform. And above all, thank you to everyone who is interested in NOISE APPEAL’s records and buys them. And last but not least, the biggest thank you goes out to all the artists I was allowed to work and dream with during this years. No bands mean no label and no label means no records. And without records…there are no dreams.
But enough with the thank you talk for now. I am looking forward to NOISE APPEAL’s twelfth year. And I am looking forward to you!


Ps.: The first two releases (noise41 & noise43) are fixed already. More soon in early 2015.