Today, I am very happy to announce the collaboration of Couscous and Noise Appeal Records. When I received Martin’s E-Mail and the request to release Couscous’ new album “Eisen”, I was skeptic at first, as I knew them to be a very experimental and noisy band, but I still was interested.
So I asked for some sound samples and they sent me the entire album. I listened to it a couple of times, but it only really hit me when I listened to it while taking a walk around my neighborhood: it sounded frightening and assuasive. Oppressive and liberating. It became the soundtrack of this walk and everything I felt in that moment.
And when Martin and I met for coffee and a talk about the release, I already knew. I want to do it, because it makes me happy and it will make you happy as well. So welcome:

Couscous & Boris Hauf „Eisen“

Joyfully and almost indiscernibly Couscous and Hauf experiment with genres, exotic and self-made musical instruments. A turkish Saz uninhibitedly takes center stage, while industrial sound textures get counterbalanced with a fierce percussion and a slightly passive-aggressive guitar. A sea of trombones, saxophones and clarinets, piano clusters and a stubborn bass form a billowing and saturated foundation for this musical bazar. The quintet actively blurs boundaries, alternates arrangements with collective improvisation, and lightheartedly throws musical curveballs to unhinge the narrowly defined euro-centric approach to contemporary music. (Photo by Klaus Pichler)