We love hearing new music, but unfortunatly we can no longer listen to any demos send our way. For 15+ years we accepted unsolicited demos, listend to hundreds of them which led to only 4 signings. Do the math. We’re now at a point were we cannot justify the time needed to listen to all the unfiltered music send our way. So Noise Appeal Records won’t accept any unsolicited music in the future.
We won’t miss all the blindly send demos mostly from people who haven’t even looked at our roster nor got a glimpse of what Noise Appeal Records is doing.
You still want to work with us? Rethink your approach! Come to shows, talk to people allready working with us, play shows, book your own tours, play in the weirdest cities just for gas money, sleep on a strangers floor, do your best every single night – simply be part of the cultural network that Noise Appeal Records calls home. 
If you work hard, your band will pop-up on our radar. We will listen to your music, and if we think that a realtionship between us could work out, we will get in touch with you.
With love, NAR