10th anniversary! Dimitrij „Worlds – Object“ CD got released on March 3rd, 2007. 10 fucking years ago. In between two of the former Dimitrij members founded Sex Jams and toured whole Europe and the States. Time is running. And live is good. Pretty good. So we are going to celebrate. With friends and lovers. Today. At the Vinyl fair at the Ottakringer Brauerei. And all of you guys who are placing an order of a vinyl record at store.noiseappeal.com today will get the „Words – Objects“ CD for free! If you are not interested in any of the Noise Appeal Records releases except the Dimitrij CD you can order this one as well. For 5,00 Euros only. Here: http://store.noiseappeal.com/shop/music/download/dimitrij-words-objects

So thank you once again for reading, watching and supporting. 

Sincerely, Dominik