Double celebrations calls for showing you the wide range of how Noise Appeal Record’s releases sound like. In 2006, the second ever vinyl got released, which was the Plague Mass and Worlds Between Us split 7’’. It was white vinyl, gatefold cover and heavy as hell! The bands both toured through Europe and the UK together and had a great time. Worlds Between Us later broke up, but had a small kind-of comeback as Hardcore Punk band Black Books. The Plague Mass members went on to form other bands like Archivist and Carnist, but also joined band like Ira Atari. And this baby celebrates its 11th birthday today.

But just like I mentioned before, it is a double feature. Not that old, but still six years ago the 10’’ „Westend“ by Hella Comet was released on Noise Appeal Records. It was the bands first release on the label and the begin of a great friendship and a still running collaboration. Hella Comet are one of these bands that made the label run reasonable and I hope there are still many more records to be released in the future. But until this next time, you can purchase the „Westend“ 10’’ and the Plague Mass / Worlds Between Us split 7’’ for half the price at until tomorrow, 12am.