Another day, another signing. It’s a huge please to welcome Baguette on Noise Appeal Records! Quite a while ago, when Baguette released their second album „Oh! Deu“ Vre!“ (Numavi Records), I saw them live at Fluc Vienna and they blew me away. When I left the concert that night, there was only one thought on my mind: these guys should be on Noise Appeal Records. It was a match made in music heaven: my passion for 90s noiserock and my love for Amphetamine Reptile records was all clearly visibly and hearable in Baguette. As they had worked with great people at Numavi Records, I didn’t think that I would ever get a change to work together. But what can I say? It all turned out differently. When I received an email by Baguette themselves regarding their third album, I was pleasantly surprised, especially by the great demos they send through for me to listen. To make it short: we met up, got along even better in person and signed the deals. The upcoming Baguette album will be released this fall on Noise Appeal Records and I will of course keep you posted with more news soon.
In the meantime – keep smiling.
All the best,