Dear everyone!
2017 has been a truly intense year for Noise Appeal Records – intense, but great. I met a couple of amazing people during this year and had the opportunity to work with a lot of creative and ambitious musicians, graphic designers, video directors as well as app- and web-programmers, bookers and promoters. I’m really grateful for 2017. 
I had the chance to initiate new partnerships which will help bring the label and „my” artists another step forward. Rough Trade Distribution is taking care of the distribution of the new releases as well as some of the backcatalogue for half a year now, while Cobraside Distribution is spreading vinyl-releases in the US of A.
But, most importantly, I need to thank Ash My Love, Die Buben Im Pelz, Fuckhead and Tracker that they worked with me in 2017 and released their new albums through Noise Appeal Records. Girls and boys: thank you very much! It has been a true pleasure and I can’t wait to work on new music, projects and releases with every single one of you!
Now, 2018 is pretty close and as many of you know, we will celebrate a pretty big anniversary for the label. 15 years. I didn’t really expect that Noise Appeal would go on to get that old, but it did and it makes me ridiculously happy. Besides the 15th anniversary singles club,, there will be a couple new albums, singles as well as new signings on Noise Appeal Records
We will start 2018 with the „Die Buben Im Pelz Neujahrskonzert“ at Chelsea in Vienna on the 25th of January. The first new album to be released in 2018 will be „Expensive Mouse“ by Baguette. The release date is set for April 6th
I want to finish this with another round of gratitude to all of you who have supported  for years by buying and enjoying the music of the labels artists. Thank you! 
Have a nice New Year’s Eve party with loads of sparkling wine and stay healthy, safe and happy going into this 2018. 
Cheers to all of you,