Dear bands out there!

As running an indie label is a hard job, that needs a lot of time, work and money (Got it? Sales right now are less than you can imagine. Money – a topic that dominates your days and makes you sleep bad! But, you can change that! Buy records of indie labels and bands to support them as much as you can. This underground culture and art is important for each of us.) and as the Noise Appeal Records family has grown a lot in the last two years, I decided to issue a temporary signing-stop.

I want to focus on all the great artists (who are also friends) that are currently listed on our roster (Ash My Love, Baguette, Convertiblemusic, Couscous, Die Buben Im Pelz, Doomina, Fuckhead, Hella Comet, It’s everyone else, Lehnen, The Ghost And The Machine, The Happy Sun and tracker). Also, there are some signings I haven’t made public yet, but will soon. I want to put all of my energy into helping them spread their art and words and make them rise.

So, the decision has been made: Please don’t send any more demos. From now on, I won’t listen to any demos and please, don’t expect an answer. As soon as I decide to expand the roster and the doors are open again, I will definitely let you know!

Thank you for reading this and especially for understanding where I come from.

All the best,