Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our newest family member: Scarabæusdream!
My history with Bernd and Hannes is a long one, that started in 1999, when I was still playing in bands. My first band shared a stage with a band called Anibal, which was the band Hannes played in. He then later formed the band Scarabæusdream with Bernd, someone I had met before at various Hardcore/Punk shows all over Austria. Scarabæusdream created their own version of heavy, danceable music, with piano and drums only. It was a long way to walk, but we reached the destination! Their new album „Crescendo“ will be released on Noise Appeal Records (LP/CD/Digital) in January 2019 and I am really looking forward to it, since I am convinced that they wrote a monster of an album. Poppy, heavy and noisy – truly great! Stay tuned for more news on that one in the near future!