Hans Platzgumer. Me being a H.P. Zinker fanboy. All of that has been known for a very long time, mainly because I never fail to mention it. What Hans and I have been tirelessly working towards is his (temporary) return to music.
Let’s be real. He has written a wonderful album, or, his alter ego, Colin Holst has. He said it „just happened“ and well, thank god! Because to me, this album is among the best pieces of music Hans has written in a very long time. And today, on November 20, 2018, Convertiblemusic „Holst Gate“ is getting its big release on Noise Appeal Records (Rough Trade Distribution).
After seeing Hans play live for the very first time in 1990, we met up in 2012, to discuss the planning of the H.P. Zinker Box. Back then, I thought it couldn’t get any better, which didn’t change when we finished the box in 2013.
But now, after accompanying Hans and this new piece of music and being allowed to release it, I have the same though: it can’t get any better.
Which is why this day is such a beautiful day and I can only hope that many of you will check his new album out, to listen to, fully enjoy and immerse yourself in it. It deserves to be listened to and you have deserved to listen to it. Any questions?

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