On September 12th, 2018 I wrote that there won’t be new signings on Noise Appeal Records for a while as there is a huge and great roster existing – except a few bands I signed but I haven’t made public yet. The one released an album a few weeks ago, the other one is: Dun Field Three
Dun Field Three is “simply” a rock trio formed by Daucocco (Ash My Love, Krooked Tooth, Aktionstheater Ensemble), Nachtlieb (b.o.s., Lovejunkie, die Antwort auf alles andere) and Goto (Nurse P, Guigue, Morbidelli Brothers). Dun Field Three recorded their self titled debut album and what to say? It’s a great record. It’s unbelievable great. Dark Rock’n’Roll that hits you from the very first moment.
The album will get released on April 12th, 2019 on CD, LP and digital stream/download, but listen and watch the first single called “Lion” right now! Enjoy and I promise you, you going to love the album – at least as much as I do!