The lyrics of the song “Grim Reaper” from the album “Turn” are an inner monologue that asks questions about the “after” and records thoughts about the transience of one’s own body. It is the only song by Reflector that is specifically dedicated to death and was created due to real personal losses. The video footage was playfully shot in December 2020, initially with no serious intention of using it for this track. The evangelical part of the St. Peter cemetery in Graz was filmed, one of the oldest cemeteries in the city, which is a forest cemetery to boot. The 5-year-old child is Andreas Heller’s son, who at that time took his self-made skull mask everywhere.

In the video he depicts a small death, which is not to be taken seriously, carefree and arbitrarily plays its game in the cold, dreary cemetery and appears only sporadically. The video material is picturesque, abstract and blurry unclear. Just like the view of our passing, which is not without an ironic wink. The video was cut and provided with additional shots by Leo Bauer, a friend and fan of the band. It is more a visualization than a music video of the almost eight-minute track.

Video: Reflector – Grim Reaper

Fom the Album „Turn“ (Noise Appeal Records/ Rock Is Hell Records)
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Video edit by Leo Bauer
Filmed by Andreas Heller and Leo Bauer