PHAL:ANGST joins the Noise Appeal Records Family!

Phal:Angst originate from the DIY Punk/Hardcore scene of the late 90ies and early 2000s, and have deviated from there just soundwise: besides all aspects of music, organisation and publication they have always had the digital infrastructure under their control as well. During the late 90ies leftist netculture activism Angst, the band’s electronics musician, founded the web-platform Thus he provides an alternative, non-commercial digital free space which has been popular among protagonists of the Austrian autonomous and DIY scene. With Phal:Angst, everything is political – without being banal or on the nose. Especially technical progress and music. This hasn’t changed since the band’s emergence within the anarchist scenes.

For the very first time the coming album will not be published on the own label, but together with Noise Appeal Records. This is a consistent development, as the label owners are old friends from the DIY Punk/Hardcore scene.

The new Phal:Angst record will be out in early 2023.

(Foto: Kurt Prinz)