The new Phal:Angst album comes early 2023!
»The new and already 5th album has been made with even more care and effort. For five months the band and a team consisting of Alexandr Vatagin (Engineer for Kronos Quartett, Pauls Jets, Dives, Electric Indigo), Gerhard Potuznik (GD Luxxe, Mäuse, co-owner of label Angelika Köhlermann, producer of Chicks On Speed), Alexander Lausch (Engineer for Die Buben Im Pelz, Paul Plut, Mynth, The New Mourning) and Tobias Wöhrer (Leyya) was involved in producing, consulting, recording, mixing and mastering.«
More news soon! Meanwhile check out the Phal:Angst artist page in our store and stock your record collection with »Phase IV« and »Black Country«,
(Foto: Kurt Prinz)