There’s more to come: As an appendix to the highly acclaimed last Phal:Angst album “Whiteout”, three remixes of the same track, “What Rests Mute In Bright Corners”, will be released in the next three months. First individually on the various streaming platforms, but ultimately collectively as a remix EP, including on Bandcamp.
The remixes come from Austrian artists who are friends of theirs. The first is a grandiose arrangement of the track by Buenoventura, the solo project of Bernhard Hammer, guitarist of the Viennese live techno institution Elektro Guzzi. The track will be released on 07.04.2023 and perfectly finds the balancing act between danceability and thoughtfulness, the original Phal:Angst sounds penetrate the hard beats like an echo. Avant-garde meets rave, the song gets a completely new drive without losing the original atmosphere.