Mindless Insta story swiping is a bad habit of which almost everyone of us is guilty – and even if we know that it’s (scientifically proven) bad for us, we still engage in it more than we want to. Stuck AF is a reminder not to believe everything you see in Insta stories. People construct their own realities and personalities through the use of filters and editing tools, which leaves us questioning their truthfulness. Everyday events, such as taking a bathroom break, become edited versions of reality. Baits’ lyrics reflect the meaninglessness of those fake realities, and they reflect on their effect in the chorus: “I’m stuck as fuck, stuck fuck, right in the muck, stuck as fuck.” Seeing other people living “their best lives”, even if those stories are unreal, stir up a feeling of being stuck in a mind-numbing 9/5 job or a boring relationship that both leave you with the sour taste of failure. Before you give up, turn it up and scream along.
The new BAITS single STUCK AF is out now!
Foto: Florian Lehner