Phal:Angst have always loved to have their songs remixed. This tradition started with their second album ‘Shiver With Cold’ (2009) and even cumulated in a whole remix-album to go with their album ‘Black Country’ in 2014. In doing so they collaborated with befriended artists from Austria such as CHRISTINA NEMEC, ELECTRIC INDIGO or DAVID PFISTER, but also with the international genre icons LUSTMORD, DÄLEK, JARBOE and JUSTIN K. BROADRICK.

And now: Gerhard Potuznik! This man is part of the first generation of important electronic musicians in Austria. A former DRAHDIWABERL roadie, he released several records together with PATRICK PULSINGER and ERDEM TUNAKAN under the monicker iO on the newborn label CHEAP RECORDS at the beginning of the nineties. Together they produced Patrick Pulsinger’s legendary debut album „Porno“ (1994). He had several projects with HANS PLATZGUMER (H.P. ZINKER), among others CUBE & SPHERE, and has published records using various names like GD LUXXE, POTUZNIK or THE HAPPY SUN on labes like MEGO, CHEAP, DISKO B, MO‘ WAX, NOISE APPEAL or BREAKIN‘ RECORDS. At the end of the nineties he co-founded an own label (‘ANGELIKA KÖHLERMANN‘) with TEX RUBINOWITZ. With the latter, as well as PHILIPP QUEHENBERGER and DIDI KERN he plays in the electronic rock’n’roll band MÄUSE. Apart from making music, Potuznik is also a producer. His most renowned work is with feminist electroclash collective CHICKS ON SPEED from Munich.

»What Rests Mute In Bright Corners« remixed by Gerhard Potuznik drops on May 5th.

Photo: Kurt Prinz