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An unsettling AI-prologue about work life leads into a cineastic song that sucks you in through careful repetition of weird synthesizers, melancholic guitars and a Viennese Bösendorfer grand piano – until everything disintegrates into an industrial soundscape resembling Nine Inch Nails.

When Monday calls – especially in the form of an AI that can’t even speak properly – then sometimes you’d rather gain be involved in other things than the grind of everyday life. Gaining vivid experiences that become beautiful memories. The dreamy video for „Damn You! Grown Up World!“, in which the aesthetics of super 8 film material and polaroids invite you to this illusory trip down the memory lane between melancholy and hope. Wistful? Yes. But always with a grain of confidence so as not to go mad.

About the visual artist

Claudia Virginia Dimoiu is an indpendent visual artist, based in Vienna, born in communist Romania.
Her visual work focuses on the representation of visual illusions, dreams and emotions of an alternative world in which the colours, the lighting, shadows and composition of the image map out the unknown immaterial world through mixed visual arts like photography, projections and video.