HAPPY RELEASE DAY: le_mol! J_LLY G__D _iME_ is out now!

LISTEN: https://lnk.to/le-mol-J_LLY-G__D_iME_
RELEASESHOW @ ORF RKH: https://radiokulturhaus.orf.at/artikel/705032/20-Jahre-Noise-Appeal

»Composed of the last two EPs „J_LLY“ & „G__D“ and yet plenty of new material the LP culmination marks a worthy end point to this release cycle.

Musically, le_mol feature some truly catchy lead vocals by legendary Hans Platzgumer (‚prds recomposition‘) and embark on more electronic avenues (‚Fun With Teeth’, ‘Me? Lol‘) while maintaining the trademark melancholy loop-based instrumental rock sound (‚Damn You! Grown Up World‘, ‚Welcome To The Bubble‘) they are known for.

Artistically, via a juxtaposition of odd song titles and nostalgic-analogue photographs from Vienna’s funpark „Wurstelprater“ with the thoughtful post-rock music they are known for, le_mol try to express their perception of the zeitgeist.

As kids of the 90s and the wealth, peace and MTV that comes with that decade „J_LLY G__D _iME_“ is le_mol’s reflection on being thirtysomethings in a world where the European stability of yesterday seems to disintegrate with every passing week and existential crisis lurks around every corner. Sounds like a bit too much? Thankfully, the band thinks so itself and can’t stop themselves from a smidge of mirth and irony throughout the album.

All of this without any real lyrics other than a feeble AI bot that can’t even properly speak English?

Yes, that’s what instrumental music does to your head. Luckily. Welcome to the ride!«

Photo: Thomas Schnötzlinger