LET GO – Digital Single & Video is OUT NOW!
BAITS first single „Let Go“ off their upcoming second album is everything we’ve heard them put out so far thrown into a blender, and then carefully distilled into a beautifully shaped, balanced rock song of their particular kind of making. An eerie vocal line riding on top of a bass that reminds you very much of early 90s rock, grungy guitars, and the simple, yet urgent chorus that slams you back into to the reality of existence. Our ability to feel consciously is what connects us, and no matter if physically or emotionally, we all carry experiences of being hurt. What separates us is how we deal with them. „You need to teach me how to let go“ sounds more like a positive mantra to counter the painful thoughts rather than a cry for help. The slightly disorienting black and white video catches BAITS doing what the can do best – playing authentic raw rock music at an excessively high level of energy. Their new album drops via Noise Appeal records in March 2024.