»Your Heart Will Never Burst« is out now!

Listen here: https://lnk.to/DriveMoya-YourHeartWillNeverBurst
Watch here: https://youtu.be/I9rPlnSTNMo?si=jjluHzNpsHtTprDV
Album Pre-Order: https://store.noiseappeal.com/shop/music/drive-moya-the-great-end
Album release show on March 1st w/ Phal:Angst: https://www.facebook.com/events/367408215927052

»Written back in the miserable depths of 2020,’Your Heart Will Never Burst’ was an immediate favourite for us. Despite the morbid subject matter, its pace, dynamics, and satisfyingly groovy post-rock climax make it a lot of fun to play, and it’s been our set opener for almost every gig since 2021. The recording is our second to feature a contribution from Viennese electro-legend Gerhard Potuznik, who brought the verses to life with his tasteful synth embellishments. We’re delighted to be sharing this song as we head towards ‘The Great End’ in February.

‘Your Heart Will Never Burst’ is the second single from our forthcoming album ‘The Great End’. This song started out as a tribute to a departed friend, but has since taken on a broader meaning for us. As we become increasingly concerned about the more dystopian versions of the future we may be heading towards, we start to mourn the opportunities our own children might lose. We are the lucky ones, memories fully stocked with journeys and joys that younger generations may never experience. But will our kids’ hearts ever burst with the same pride as ours? Will they find any light at all in the potentially dark times ahead?«

Like the previous single The Sun, the song features subtle synth contributions from Gerhard Potuznik. It was tracked by Alexandr Vatagin; mixed by Niklas Lueger and Alex; and mastered by Greg Calbi in New Jersey.

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