Welcome to the Noise Appeal Records family & Happy Releaseday: MONOKAY

»Rewired«, the first single from their upcoming EP is out now!

Listen here: https://lnk.to/monokay-rewired
More Infos & Shows: https://www.noiseappeal.com/artists/monokay

Since their emergence in early 2023 with a self-released debut EP, Monokay has shown a commitment to carving out a unique path. They humorously label their music as “Nu-Grunge-Gaze-Core,” playfully acknowledging their reluctance to conform to any specific genre. Few bands manage to successfully traverse this complex landscape, skillfully balancing elements of hardcore, punk, alternative rock, shoegaze, and even straightforward pop.

Their upcoming self-titled EP is poised to be their most compelling work yet. It features straightforward, grungy hardcore tones blended with resonant guitar melodies, rhythmic yet catchy vocals, and powerful drums. Whoop, get on the hype train! We’re stoked!