How time flies! In just about a month, it will be time. The Noise Appeal Fest 2024 takes place on April 24th and 25th at Chelsea in Vienna. Single tickets for both days, as well as a festival ticket, are available here: (Better safe than sorry, tickets are selling fast).

On day 1, Monokay will share the stage together with Dirty Talons, Flowers in concrete and Drive Moya.

Even when Monokay released their debut EP on their own in early 2023, it was clear they wanted to approach things differently. “Nu-Grunge-Gaze-Core” is the nonsensical term they use to describe their music while playfully refusing to commit to any specific genre. Few bands can navigate this difficult terrain and master the sometimes hard-to-define balance between hardcore, punk, alternative rock, shoegaze, and even straightforward pop. The Noise Appeal newcomer can do just that.

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