Long time no see! Tracker will hit the stage at Chelsea with their new album in tow at the Noise Appeal Fest 2024, which takes place on April 24th and 25th.
Single tickets for both days, as well as festival tickets, are available here: https://ntry.at/noiseappealfest2024 (Better safe than sorry; tickets are selling fast).

On day 2, Tracker will share the stage with Dirty Talons, Flowers in Concrete, and Monokay.
»The fuzz boxes take on a life of their own while quirky synthesizer sounds come together in convoluted chords that resonate from the rehearsal room. It’s a beautiful chaos, a complicated tapestry waiting to be discovered by those who truly listen. Slip into the proto-punk leather jacket, elegantly enveloped in desert dust, and turn the dials to full: Tracker is not just back on stage but also on the turntable with “On! On! On!” released this friday.«