HAPPY VIDEO RELEASE DAY: le_mol. The Video for their song »prds recomposition« (feat. Hans Platzgumer) is out now!

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqjxrS6h8dw
Listen: https://lnk.to/le-mol-J_LLY-G__D_iME_
Pre-Order: https://store.noiseappeal.com/shop/music/le_mol-j_lly-g__d-_ime_
Tickets: https://ntry.at/noiseappealfest2024

Paradise might be a strong word but everyone has their own little spaces where everything feels colorful and jolly. These days however, the world around us – hardly ever a paradise in itself by any means – makes it harder to at least uphold your internal safe spaces.
A pulsating mix of e-drums, percussion and sliced guitars remind of Atoms For Peace and TV On The Radio – all the more due to the emotional lyrics by guest vocalist Hans Platzgumer (of H.P. Zinker, Convertible, Die Goldenen Zitronen fame) that go right under your skin.

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