Ash My Love Band


This scorchingly hot girl/boy duo from Vienna/Austria started out only a short spell ago, and have never been to a recording studio. Never until now. At their past few stage performances one could tell that something special was going on: Raw live sounds, little-to-no chord progressions, de-tuned guitars and primitive yet heartfelt songwriting…

One gets the feeling that this band found their very own dominion, something to profess and confess in. A satanic cult? According to their Robert Johnson-inspired lyrics, probably yes, but first and foremost, they perform an ingenuous obsession for vintage Blues, boisterous Rock-n-Roll and demented voodoo rhythms, also there‘s a good chance you’ll find these youths on secret application lists for the W.O.A.H., (“Worshipful Order Of Ancient Headcoats”) or with life-size portraits of Jimmy Reed or Son House tattooed on their backs.

However, Mrs. Winterauer (Bass) and Mr. Dauböck (Guitar/Drums) don’t seem to be giving too much of a shit about stardom, radio airplay, etc. “Three chords are a problem”, they explain. “There’s just too much diversity and choice. People have allowed themselves to be hood-winked into believing that they need 50 TV channels and a McDonalds on every corner“. Live in the studio, stripped down to the bones, these 4 recordings are available here for the first time and are Austrian Modern Raunch at its finest. Unaffected and bold Blues Punk that pulls you damn close, and might leave you with the smell of beer and bubblegum in your Kinderzimmer. Amen, brothers and sisters – Now go and steal that record!


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Ash My Love Band Money Album Cover Artwork Music Austria
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Ash My Love Band Honeymoon Blues Album Vinyl Cover Artwork


Andreas Dauböck
Ursula Winterauer

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