Automassage Band Music Austria

Automassage (Graz/Murska Sobota) are Samo Ismajlovic (bass), Slobodan Kajkut (drums), Gottfried Krienzer (bass), Christoph Uhlmann (synth) and Rok Vrbancic (synth) who fry the rancid leftovers of parallel and previous projects such as Code Inconnu, Neuf Meuf or The Striggles. The audible result of this mixture is not easy to describe since the band shamelessly indulges in stylistic pluralism.¬† The evil foreign word for this is eclecticism. But after all it’s not that bad, in fact some constants can be determined: The preference for poorly controlled distortions, mumbled vocals, stomach turning basses, crackling noisy ambiences and lo-fi in general. Now that sounds all very funny, loose and airy, but the massagists simply just can’t change the overly sophisticated way they are, and after painful serious¬† processes of composing, deconstructing and evaluating, they puzzle out complex musical structures. Just good to hear that they are for the birds anyway because in the end they are crushed by synthesizer-thunderstorms and noisy feedbacks.

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