Baguette Band

Baguette is the love story of two guys from Graz Austria who like to turn up and make music together. After 12 years of working together in all kinds of different groups, Philip Prugger and Manuel Finster started Baguette in 2013. With a drumkit, a properly distorted guitar and some swanky vocals on top (or on the bottom) of it, they try to wreck it as good as it gets. sexysexy123 is the debut ep of the band and was released on Numavi Records in late 2014. When they play live, theyre a trio. Mr. Leszek stands side-stage and provides glitchy visuals from VHS source material. Their debut album Oh!-Deu!Vre! was just released on Numavi Records.

Baguette sound like an overweight, sweaty baker hitting you in the face with an actual bagutte while tripping balls harder than he ever has in his entire life. Its loud, raw, indecent and pretty funny. Defi-nitely a story you can tell your friends afterwards. (a friend)