Black Books Band Music Austria


The musicians in Black Books have been part of significant and not so significant bands in the austrian punk and hardcore scene with some of them dating back to as early as the mid 1990’s. In 2011 the guys decided to give it one more go with founding Black Books as a result of their unbroken love for playing live, maintaining the diy spirit, that has been an integral part of their respective musical and artistic careers and creating music out of simple ideas, which have proven to be the most efficient in more than 3 decades of punk rock history. Black Books have spent their first year refining their way of blending years and years of great (punk) rock music into a music style full of precise and obvious quotations as well as a unique edge all their own. The result of these first steps were put on tape in late 2011, and will be released on a 7 inch record, entitled “in this town”, clearly a nod to their hometown of Vienna, which has left its mark both on the musical and lyrical content of the band as well as the hearts and minds of the respective members. “in this town” will be out on Noise Appeal Records in early 2012.


Black Books Band Music Austria Europe In This Town Single Vinyl Artwork


Dominik Uhl
Jochen Brandhuber
Nikolaus Preglau
Michael Marlovics