BLACK PALMS ORCHESTRA is a cinematic band project created by Christian Fuchs. Since 2016, the versatile musician has been working with various collaborators on songsfrom fictional films and series. On their debut album “Sad Moon Rising”, Oliver Welter (Naked Lunch), Monsterheart and Ankathie Koi brought together some stars of the Austrian indie scene. The music sounds darkly countryesque, Christian Fuchs plays the gloomy crooner.

Once again in the Styrian studio of regular producer Bernd Heinrauch, the follow-up album “Tropical Gothic” was created in 2017, in which raw rock tracks flare up in the world of BLACK PALMS ORCHESTRA. The voices of Medina Rekic (WhiteMiles), US indie icon Scott McCLoud (Girls vs. Boys) and once again Monsterheart merge with the songs about love dramas and outsider dreams. “Tropical Gothic” stands for sunburn and darkness, religion and sex, road movie romance and apocalyptic images.

Live, BLACK PALMS ORCHESTRA focuses on reduction and minimalist brute force in addition to David Lynch-like atmosphere. In addition to Fuchs, the stage line-up includes bassist Christof Baumgartner, guitarist Mikala Nørgaard and drummer Maximilian Schachner.

In 2022, the BLACK PALMS ORCHESTRA will come full circle. On the new album “Palm Fiction”, the musicians around Christian Fuchs cover actual pieces from film and television. Christian Fuchs chose personal favourite songs that fit into the sinister sound cosmos of the band. Bernd Heinrauch as musical director and Christof Baumgartner as multi-instrumentalist lay the foundation for quite a few guests.

The Viennese electropop duo Dramas, Canadian stoner rocker Jay Brown (Weddings), LA Underground singer Ian Ottaway and regulars Medina Rekic and Monsterheart are among them. The selection ranges from “Twin Peaks” and “Eraserhead” to “True Detective” or “The Walking Dead”. The advance single “Nightcall”, from the Neonoir masterpiece “Drive”, surprises with pulsating electro rock.

“Nightcall” will also be released as a limited vinyl split single in autumn 2021, together with the Viennese band The Happy Sun. A video has been created for this, inwhich directors and actresses from series such as “Tatort”, “Landkrimi”, “Soko Donau” and “4 Frauen und ein Todesfall” cruise through the night. The German-language crime scene on the trail of Nicolas Winding Refn.

About Christian Fuchs: With Fetish 69, the Graz native once formed one of Austria’s most radical bands and stirred up the international industrial rock scene, successfully paid homage to danceable electro-pop with Bunny Lake, and helped define the neo-Viennese song with the inclination group Sex, Gewalt & Gute Laune. Hard and soft and supposed opposites collided, hysterical gigs led to underground clubs and giant stages, to raves until the wee hours of the morning, to theatre halls and beer tents in the countryside. Today, in addition to the BLACK PALMS ORCHESTRA, Fuchs also plays in the Viennese rock’n’roll band Die Buben im Pelz.



Christian Fuchs