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Code Inconnu was founded as a trio (Gottfried Krienzer – guitar, Markus Sworcik – drums, Christoph Uhlmann – synth) in Graz (Austria) in 2001. Since then the work of the band is in constant flux, never allowing to predict the next steps the band will take. Whereas their music during the first years was a rough attempt to combine noise rock with triphop-like soundscapes and some kind of punk attitude, their 2005 album „spoil, microbe“, which brought them comparisons with „Tortoise“ in the avant-music bible „Wiremagazine“, was dominated by electronics, nested guitar loops and harsh noise attacks. Now they have grown into a quintet (Reas Klöckl – bass and Hannes Schauer – vocals) and experiment with decomposed song structures, always being well aware of the accomplishments of kraut-rock and new wave. Live Code Inconnu are heavy workers, slowly finding their pace, establishing some rattling beat, making it groove more and more and then insistingly pushing their music forward towards a suffocating intensity. Currently Code Inconnu are working on their third album.


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Gottfried Krienzer
Markus Sworcik
Christoph Uhlmann
Reas Klöckl
Hannes Schauer