Doomina Band Music

DOOMINA’s sophomore album is lead off by a female voice uttering the words „I died for beauty”. Beauty…a phrase that bears weight and that is impossible to generally define but is generally regarded as pleasant. And Doomina have been making pleasant music since their inception in 2006. The speech sample is slowly engulfed by a piano theme as the additional instruments find their place in the almost 10-minute long title track. Alongside founding member Daniel Gedermann on guitar, the band now consists of Christian Pobaschnig (keyboards, synthesizer, guitar), Erich Kuttnig (drums), Luke Geyer (guitar) and Christian Oberlercher (bass, samples). Gedermann and Oberlercher have been playing together since 2007 but the rest of the band joined the fold in late 2012. “Beauty” is the impressive first output of this new Doomina line up, adding another piece of work to their catalogue which includes the demo “A.O.D” (2006), “March On, Dead Man” (EP, 2008), Hollow (EP, 2009) and their debut album Elsewhere, which was released in 2012. Besides the title track, the album packs songs like “Gizmo”, “Soyuz” and “Sigma Kappa Pi” which all demonstrate Doomina’s new found approach and updated sound, shedding their early stoner rock, sludge and metal affinities. Since day one, Doomina have made a conscious e